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May 2020

Open Enrollment Ends on May 8!

All benefit-eligible employees must confirm that they wish to continue their current benefits or complete a change form by the end of the day on May 8. Need more information? See the box below. Don't miss this important deadline!

IBX Virtual Visits

Did you read our Special Edition newsletter about how you can schedule IBX Virtual Visits with your regular provider? If not, please click on the box below for important information.

Get Reimbursed for Working Out at Home

Did you know you can get up to $150 back when you work out regularly? IBX has partnered with GlobalFit to enhance their gym reimbursement program to now include virtual subscriptions for at‑home workouts. Virtual subscriptions approved for participation include Peloton, MyFitnessPal, Nike Training Club, Polar, and many more trackable activities. Members are able to combine current fitness facility workouts with virtually tracked workouts to cover the required 120 completed workouts. Want to learn more about this? Click on the box below.

Need to Change your Pay Schedule?

Employees covered by the Avon Grove Education Association Agreement have the opportunity annually to change their pay schedule. If you would like to change the number of paychecks you receive per year, please log into Frontline Central Forms and complete the form titled "AGEA Salary Election Form" on or before May 31, 2020. Any changes are effective beginning with the August 28, 2020 paycheck. Don't want to change? Then you don't need to do anything. Need directions on how to access Frontline Central? See the box below.

Personal Day Carryover for Teachers

At the end of each school year, teachers’ unused personal leave days are automatically carried over to the next year. However, teachers can choose to convert these days to sick leave or be paid out at the rate of $105 per unused day. To be paid out or to convert unused personal days to sick days, go to Frontline Central Forms and complete the form titled "AGEA Unused Personal Days" on or before May 31, 2020.

College Tuition Benefits

Looking for ways to help pay for college? Your United Concordia Dental plan includes SAGE’s College Tuition Benefit®, a program that lets you earn points towards tuition discounts.

After you sign up in your MyDentalBenefits account, you’ll start earning Tuition Reward® points. Watch your points add up year after year!

  • Earn 2,000 points when you sign up, then 2,000 points every year you’re covered by United Concordia
  • 1 Tuition Rewards point = $1
  • 2,000 points = $2,000 in tuition discounts
  • Use Tuition Rewards at 400+ participating private colleges and universities

Want more details? Click the box below.

Looking for a Summer Job?

We have a number of vacancies available in our Extended School Year Program. Click the box below for details.

Use SWIFT MD to Beat Allergy Season

Your SwiftMD telemedicine service is your first and free defense against stubborn allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itchy throat, nasal congestion, and itchy/watery eyes. Consults with SwiftMD doctors are available anytime, anywhere, at no cost to you – no co-pays or consult fees!

Just call 833-794-3863 or log in at

Health and Wellness Information

Our benefits broker has provided us with some interesting wellness resources this month. The Live Well Work Well Newsletter discusses smoking cessation and includes a recipe for Tofu and Broccoli. Additional resources include information about skin cancer and bipolar disorder.

Take Care of Yourself!

We are all facing many challenges during these uncertain times. Please make sure to take time to care for yourself. Exercise, eat nutritious foods, get plenty of rest, and wash your hands. We will see you soon!

Need Assistance?

For questions concerning benefits, tuition reimbursement, and salary movement contact Chris Marsala at

For questions regarding personnel or contractual issues, employment and certification, contact Dr. Wendi Lee Kraft at

For questions regarding payroll contact Amy Seamon at