Benjamin Franklin

A Famous Founding Father


Ben Franklin, born January 17, 1706, was one of the Founding Fathers. Ben Franklin was a famous author, printer, scientist, and inventor. As an inventor, he is known for his inventions, some include the lightning rod, bifocals, and the Franklin stove. As a writer he made three newspapers the Pennsylvania Chronicle, The Poor Richards Almanac, and The Pennsylvania Gazette. He became well known for his writing and inventions. Those are some reasons he became famous.


As a child Ben Franklin loved to read. He was the 15th child, as a child he decided he must improve himself in many ways. He decided that he must read, he went to get books whenever he could from where ever he could and he always gave it back to whomever he borrowed it from. He Also decided to learn how to swim he made many tricks to help him achieve his goal. He would throw an egg to the bottom of a river and force himself to get it. Over time he had eventually achieved his goal and he could swim. He had no mother so it was hard for him to live and his father was a candle maker. Ben thought the job was boring and uninteresting. Ben's childhood was hard but good at the same time.


Benjamin Franklin was very famous, one main reason he is famous is because he figured out that lightning is attracted to medal which let to his invention of the lightning rod. In his time he was also famous for his writing. As I stated before he composed three newspapers. And was known well for them. Today he is also famous for having his signature on the Declaration Of Independence Ben Franklin was famous for almost everything he did.

Important Moments

Ben Franklin had many important moments, one was when he conducted one of his most famous experiment of all time. In 1752 he flew a kite in a thunderstorm and at the bottom of the kite there was a key. After a while lightning struck the kite, he reached out to touch the key and he felt a shock and thats how he figured out how lightning was attracted to medal. Another important moment in his life was in 1731 when he made the first copy of the Poor Richard's Almanac which then became a very popular newspaper. One other important moment in his life is in 1730 he married Rebecca Reed.


I learned from Benjamin Franklin that in life, it is important to always try your best even if you have a really big challenge standing in your way, you always have to try. Like when Benjamin Franklin was experimenting with electricity he was almost killed but even after that he still kept trying to experiment in his life, and he always tried to do his best.
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