soar sanford

jan 8

upcoming events

Jan 14 Lead Team meeting 710am

Jan 16 Saturday NNPS Wake Up and Read event at Crittenden

Jan 18 School Closed

Jan 20 Essay Contest Entries due to Brian

Jan 20 MP2 grade entry opens in Synergy

Jan 20 Bunco game presented by Social Committee 330

Jan 28 Teacher workday E-commute

Jan 29 PD Day (AM Sanford; PM Various locations)

Action Items

Emphasize the concrete and representational during math instruction (this will be a focus of classroom walkthroughs next week)

Register for the NNPS PD events on Jan 29 in PDMS

Complete the NNPS Technology AUP form online (see email from Jack Bowden for link)

Look For's during walk-throughs next week: Learning targets match instruction and activities; Concrete Representational evident in math instruction (manipulatives, illustrations); Posted student work is current

Essay Contest: Community...Making Unity Common Again

Due to office on January 20

Grades 3-5 250 words written or typed

Grades K-2 100 words written or typed

The title must be the topic of the paper: Community...Making Unity Common Again

Entries must include the essay and the entry form (signed by parent)

Sanford goal: at least one entry per class, more are certainly welcome