Concussion Awareness

Listen Up!

Tips On How to Prevent Concussions

1. Always wear a seat belt in a moving vehicle

2. Wear appropriate protective gear during sports and other recreations

3. Try to reduce all the clutter in your home to minimize the occurence of a fall

4. Wear sensible shoes

5. Use caution in or out of a swimming pool

6. Never be under the influence of alcohol when operating a vehicle.


Common Symptoms of Concussions

1. Headache or a feeling of pressure in the head

2. Temporary loss of consciousness

3. Serious confusion or feeling as if in a fog

4. Amnesia

5. Nausea or vomiting

6. Slurred speach

7. Sensitivity to lights and noise


Treatment of Concussions

1. Immediately set an appointment with a Neurologist

2. Rest to allow your brain to recover

3. Avoid general tasks that require mental concentration

4. Use Acetaminophen for the headaches

5. Have a family member monitor you at all hours of the day

6. Do not continue to participate in a physical activity unless your doctor clears you