Mysterious Powder

Lab Report


One of the four tests that our group chose to conduct is a test of the pH using litmus paper, we chose to do this test to find out how strong an acid or base it was.

We also did a test with PR to test whether it was an acid or a base. We analyzed the physical properties so it was possible for us to compare the powder to our earlier observations. Last of all we did a test using iodine to determine if it contained starch.
Big image
This picture shows a a litmus paper test that has a pH of 8.
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This picture shows a negative PR test.
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This picture shows us analyzing the powders physical properties.

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This picture shows a positive iodine test.


We think the powder is made up of many powders. We think it includes the following powders: green because of the starch test, red because of the feel and pH and how it settled at the bottom of each liquid test, and purple because of the pH and crystals.