kyle leon review

- Employees of companies that have diarrhea

To protect the public, employees of food companies that contracting fellowships away from work until they have no more diarrhea and laboratory examinations

performed with two different stool samples prove the absence of She belle.
Employees of companies that are diarrhea and live with someone infected with fellowships should also check that your stools do not have She belle.
Food companies include restaurants, cafeterias, hospital kitchens, supermarkets, dairies and food processing plants.
This law also applies to employees of schools, residential programs, day care centers (day care) and clinics that provide feeding, mouth care or administer

medications to clients or patients.
Etiologic agent
Gram-negative bacteria of the genus She belle, comprising four species S. dysenteries (group A), S. Flexner (group B) S. bodied (group C) and S. sonnies

(group D).
Gastrointestinal tract of man, contaminated water and food
Mode of transmission
Infection is acquired by ingestion of contaminated water or food prepared with contaminated water. It is also shown that She belle can be transmitted by

personal contact.
Incubation period
Ranging from 12 to 48 hours Clinical Aspects Description bacterial infection pole orphic clinical expression and may manifest as asymptomatic or sub-clinical,

or serious and toxic forms.