London,United Kingdom

Want to go on a fantastic vacation go to London!


How many languages do you need to learn? Their are six main languages for you to learn. If you wanna know middle english it was only used near 1150 and 1500. Their are over 300 languages in London try to learn at least one or more. The main language you need to know is english to go to London. Take an advantage to learn at least one language. Photo by:,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.47008514,d.eWU&fp=d2f0cbe249fc3fc2&biw=1155&bih=731

Arts of London

Musicals are the best and most popular to see in London. The west side of London has more than one-hundred theaters. Most British styles of plays are trades or comedies since the 16th century. Some commercial galleries and auction houses are on the go. See some plays you have never seen and theaters you haven't been to. Photo by:

Traditional Food

Try some of these new foods if you have an appetite. A traditional breakfast in London is grilled or fried pork sausages, sliced bacon, mushrooms, backed beans, and juicy tomatoes. For a drink try some traditional tea it was founded in the 1840s and its still drank today. For Sunday lunch try mutton, lamb, or beef roasted in a toasted oven. For dinner have steak and kidney pie. Try something new everyday in London.


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