Frank Sinatra


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Franis Albert Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was famous for his music around the 1950s. I researched Frank Sinatra because I wanted to learn more about his life. Let me tell you about his musical life of fame.
Frank Sinatra was deeply into the magical sounds of music. I chose Sinatra because my grandma is always listening to his music and I wanted to learn more about his career. Sinatra was big in music and fame around the 1950s but still known for today. Thanks to Harry James, I would never be telling you about Frank. Frank will always be known as Ol' Blue Eyes.

Did Frank set a goal for himself in the music world?

Yes, he wanted the ability to maintain his music career. (allmusic)

Why did he want to sing, who inspired him?

A teenage Sinatra wanted to sing after watching Bing Crosby perform in the mid 1930 (all music). He was then inspired.

Where was he born?

Franis Albert Sinatra was born on Demember 12 1915 in Hoboken, New Jersey.(IMDb)

How did he die?

Frank died on May 14, 1998 from Dementia. (Memory loss) He also had bladder cancer and heart and kidney disease. (IMDb)

Did he ever want to do anything else other then music?

He began to act in 1940 but didn't take it seriously until the nonsinging role of an American solider won the Oscar. (Oxford)

Fun Facts!!

-His nicknames are The Voice, Chairman of the board, Ol' Blue Eyes, Swooatra, The Sultan of swoon, and La Voz. (IMDb)

-Frank is one of the most famous American entertainer of his generation. (E2)

-His parents wanted him to be an engineer. (E2)