The beautiful Taj Mahal!

Facts about the Taj Mahal


Can you imagine this beautiful building is called the Taj Mahal?

It's no wonder it is one of the seven wonders of the world. We will be talking about the construction, who built it and the purpose,and when can people go and visit it.


The Taj Mahal was built in 1631 and was completed in 1653.
The workers took 22 years to built it. There were 20,000 workers building the Taj Mahal.
The Taj Mahal was built in Agra. It was made out of white domed marble.

Built by... and the purpose

The Taj Mahal was built by a muslim, Shahab-ud-din Mohammad Shah Jahan. Shah was born on January 5,1592 he died on january 22, 1666 the age of 74. Shah died in Agra he was buried in the Taj Mahal. His fathers name is Jahangir his mothers name is princess Manmati. Mamtaz mahal was also buried in the Taj Mahal. Before she died ,she asked shah to build a monument so beautiful that the world would never forget their love.He began building the Taj Mahal that year. The Taj Mahal was named after Mumtaz Mahal.

When can people visit the Taj Mahal

People still can go and visit the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mhal has visiting hours. Sunrise to sun set, it is closed on Fridays. People usually go visit the Taj Mahal in the cooler months which are October, November , and February. Polluting traffic is not allowed. People must walk from parking lots or catch in electric bus.


Now we know why the Taj Mahal was built. Because Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal wanted everybody to know how much they both loved each other.
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