The Secret Life of Bees

by: Sue Monk Kidd


Lily wanted to find out more about her mother, but when she and her 'nanny' Rosaleen run into some trouble with not only the law, but with Lily's father, T-Ray, they end up staying with the Boatwright sisters. When Lily later finds out that the three girls are beekeepers, she decides that she might want to stay a little longer to find out what really happened to her mother. The stay at the Boatwright house proves to be a great decision when Lily makes a new friend that helps her decide what she'd really love to do when she grows up.

This book tugs at your heartstrings!

The Secret Life of Bees was a very sweet and sincere book. When Lily was four, her mother died. Because of that, she spends the whole book searching for answers. Just imagine that though. What if you were in her shoes? Lily insists that it was her fault, so she has lived her whole life with this huge amount of guilt on her shoulders. Read this book and go on this adventure to try and learn more about what happened in her past and what will happen in her future.

It's the right thing to do!

If you don't know much about what it was like to live as a 14 year old girl during the 1960s then you need to read this book! It's simply the right thing to do in order to gain the appropriate knowledge.

Be the first!

Oddly enough, this book isn't known very well yet. You could be this first of your circle of friends to read and enjoy it! Don't wait, because by the time the word gets out, you'll just be another person in the crowd.

Why is this book so amazing?

The Secret Life of Bees received an average of 4.5 stars. Kirkus Review called it a "wonderfully written debut that rather scants its subject of loss and discovery—a young girl searching for the truth about her dead mother—in favor of a feminist fable celebrating the company of women and the ties between that mothers and daughters." Basically, this book is an amazing story.


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