Happy Wednesday, friends!

Here's what you need to know before the team meeting.

Budget Update

Winnie will be updating the amount of money in all the accounts (Food, Reprographic, Events) as needed on the whiteboard in the HAWC office during her Office Hours weekly.

Here are the current totals as of Wednesday, January 13, 2015:

Food - $591.48

Reprographics - $1,861.05

Events - $5,785.32

Happy Lights at the Bistro

Helena and Brenna will be leading the Happy Lights at the Bistro Event to be held on the week of January 25th appropriately in time for the Wellness Challenge's Emotional Wellness Week. Happy Lights have shown some proven benefits to alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression. The idea of using them for this event is to draw general interest in the form of a passive program.

According to Helena, there will be a few different things on the tables in the Bistro for this event. For example, there will be a table tent trifold, with information including signs and symptoms of anxiety and/or depression, how anxiety, depression and use of alcohol and other drugs is connected, and statistics from the NCHA data on the prevalence of anxiety and depression on-campus. These tents will be on all the tables in the Bistro, and hopefully down in C-Street (with more information about who to contact for help). At the Bistro, there will be flyers with groups and resources to reach out to such as our office, CAPS, and others, along with the signs repeated.

There will need to be at least one person from HAWC at the Bistro when the lights are there. This isn’t a crazy job - just make sure no one is taking them! Last year Helena basically studied in the Bistro for two hours - super simple, super easy!

Lastly, Helena is thinking of buying 2-3 more Happy Lamps.

Please share your concerns, if any, at the meeting.

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To end the newsletter, the above is an inspirational quote from Winnie's second favorite politician, because March 4th seems so far away.