Monday Morning Bearcub Brief

Volume LXXII--10 September 2018

"Every CUB stepping up, reaching out, moving forward!"

Kleb Kudos

Hey Bearcub family! Last week was a fantastic week to be a Bearcub! With the beginning of our sports seasons, awesome teaching and learning in our classrooms, and fall air just around the corner, I love this time of year.

This week's first shout out goes to our coaches and athletes in Football, Cross Country, and Volleyball. Our students have been working hard since August to improve their skills and it paid off this week with wins by all of the teams. Our coaches are so proud of the work they have done so far and they are excited to see them continue to excel this year. Thanks to Coach Anderson, Blanchard, Gilliam, Golden, Hessemer, Huber, McGuire, Perry, and Waddy for bringing out the best in our student athletes! Also, a big shout out to Ms. Williams, Ms. Herron, Ms. Reinhart, and Ms. Jackson for coming to the games and supporting our Bearcubs. Great job, guys!

My second shout out this week goes to our campus officer, Ms. Haggard. Officer Haggard has worked for the Klein ISD police department for the past four years and we are so excited that she has joined our staff this year on campus. Welcome, Officer Haggard!
My third kudos of the week goes to our awesome counselors and Mrs. Lori Ball, our registrar. They have been working so hard over the past month to take care of all of our new and returning students on campus. We appreciate the long hours that you have put in to make it all happen, thank you so much!
My final kudos of the week goes to 8th ELA team for implementing choice boards in their classrooms, which gives students an opportunity to personalize their learning. Students are also setting their reading goals for this semester and learning how to own their learning, great job!

Cubs of the Week

Huggins Highlights

Staff, just a reminder that we all need to give out just 11 Cub Cards a day to hit our goal of 14,000 Cub Cards earned by our Bearcubs by the end of September! It's astounding to think about the thousands of small celebrations of our kids choosing to do the right thing every day on campus. Thank you for helping us teach our kids about Kindness, Leadership, Empathy and Bravery as they become Continuous Learners and Understanding Citizens who Build Responsibility in both themselves and others!

Staff and parents, our Fall Open House is THIS WEDNESDAY! Students will be bringing home informational sheets with their schedules (they will look like this). There will be two 20-minute choice sessions you can attend from 6pm-6:45pm, and classroom visits will follow directly after. We are excited to see you there!

Finally, parents, with our focus this year on Character Education and teaching our kids the CUB matrix expectations, we have also aligned our grading guidelines for student conduct! This will allow for more consistency across our campus so that you have a better idea of your Bearcub's behavior in class. Here are a few of the behaviors and characteristics that teachers use to guide their decision regarding which conduct grade a student has earned.

E (Excellence)-Student does over and above what is expected. Student exceeds expectations, demonstrates KLEB Character traits (Kindness, Leadership, Empathy, Bravery), shows initiative even when not told to do so, leads others with a positive attitude, and adheres to all of the CUB Matrix 100% of the time.

S (Satisfactory)-Student follows district, school, classroom rules and adheres to the CUB Matrix. Participates most of the time, respectful of the learning environment, occasionally volunteers. (This is a really high S is okay!)

N (Needs Improvement)-Student requires redirection, talkative, disruptive, not participating in a positive manner, unprepared for class, and no more than one disciplinary write up.

P (Poor Behavior)- Student’s behavior is so disruptive that it takes away from the learning of others, constant/ daily redirection, and/ or student has received more than one disciplinary write up.

U (Unsatisfactory)- Administrator has instructed teacher to assign the student a U based on his/her behavior and actions in class.

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Teacher of the Week

Kelly McDonald

I'm nominating Kelly McDonald for kindness because she and her girls' choir did intentional acts of kindness by handing out popcicles to the boys' football teams after practice.

From Mrs. Cummings

Christina Hatchett--ELA Teacher

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He who is last shall be first, I will be first..last!

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Vicksburg, MS

How many years have you been in education?


Where did you go to school?

I went to college at Jackson State University and Belhaven University

What are you the most excited about for 2018-19?

I am excited about implementing all the strategies that I learned last year, this year.

What was your first job?

Taco Bell (cashier)

What is your favorite family tradition?

My favorite family tradition is telling old stories about growing up and getting in trouble.

What is one thing that you wish everyone knew about you that they probably don't?

I wish everyone knew that I am a very understanding person.

If you could switch places with any one person for a day, who would it be, and why?

I would switch with my cat Wendy; she does nothing all day and it doesn't seem to bother her!

What are three things that are on your bucket list?

My bucket list includes: traveling to Europe, going on a cruise again, and something spontaneous

Attendance Counts

Did you know you can now report an absence in Skyward? Click HERE for more information.

Any student who is absent for the whole day is required to produce one of the following within 5 days of their absence(s):

  • Parent Note
  • Parent email (within 5 days of absence)
  • Original medical note (copies or altered notes will not be accepted)
  • Faxed notes must be sent from physician’s office
  • Court note
  • Official note for observance of approved religious holy days

***If a student is absent for part of the day for a doctor appointment, their absence will be coded as Section 25 (temporary absence) if the student follows the following procedure: The student must return the doctor excuse to the Attendance Office immediately upon returning to school to receive the Section 25 coding for their absence.

If a student does not produce one of the items listed above within the allotted timeframe, that absence will be considered unexcused and counted toward their total semester absences.

Klein ISD takes attendance very seriously, and we want to see your child succeed at Kleb. If you have any questions regarding attendance, please feel free to contact the attendance office or your assistant principal.

Additional attendance information can be found starting on page 27 of the handbook.

Attendance Information in the Klein Handbook

This Year's School Calendar

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Have a great week, Bearcubs!

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