Save Brushy Creek Trails!

LCRA planning to put electric towers in Brushy Creek Trail!

The LCRA planning to put up transmission tower in the middle of Brushy Creek Trail!

The LCRA is planning to up transmission towers next to Hairy Man Road. How do you feel about this?
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Signs going up!

Signs like these are going up on the trial, and trees, telling people that they are stopping the trail, and that they are removing trees!
Brushy Creek & Lake Creek Trail Tour

Info about the towers.

Information about towers:

140 ft. height

1300 ft. apart

100 ft width

100 ft. length About 10 towers will go up.

It will go on for 2.5 miles.

Information about trail:

The total trail is 15 miles

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How much towers will go up on the trail?

How much towers will go up on the trail?

2.5 miles = 13200 ft

13200/1350= 10

About 10 towers will go up.

How much laptops will fit inside of it?

My laptop is 1 ft and 1.3 in.

If you do the math you have to do,


about 11681 laptops will fit in the space

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How many laptop will go inside 15 miles?

My laptop is 13.3 in.

I already found out that 11681 laptops will go up to cover the length of 2.5 miles, but how about in 15 miles?

I know that 2.5 x 6 = 15, so 2.5 miles go into 15, 6 times.

So you would do 11681x 16.

So it would be 70086 laptops.

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How much vegetation will be lost?

We already found out that 2.5 miles of the trail will be destroyed.

If we convert 2.5 miles to ft., it is 13200 ft.

So about 13200 ft. of vegetation will be taken away.

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How much 6 feet men will fit in a tower?

We already know that 1 tower is 140 ft.

So we would have to do 140/6.

So that is about 23 men.

Nikhil Devaraj

My name is Nikhil Devaraj, I am a 10 year old kid, trying to stop the LCRA from building towers over our precious trail.

What will my route go through?

First of all my route will NOT go through the Brushy Creek Trail, (of course). It will also wrap around the TRI-MODAL Air Park. It will also on the side of I-35. I choose my route, because it gives electricity to every where, but it still does not go over the trail.

In the edges complete, my route is 19.8 miles.