The Cyprus Dispute

Aditi Mukund, Ludia Hong, and Jaimee Nguyen

What Lies at the Root?

There is a dispute because of ongoing conflicts between Cyprus and Turkey over the northern area of Cyprus that the Turkish occupy. Cyprus originally consisted of a mixture of people with Greek and Turkish ethnicities. After Cyprus gained independence from Great Britain in 1960, the Greek and Turkish people have been in conflict for power, leaving Cyprus as a divided nation.

What Triggered the Dispute?

British colony until 1960, Cyprus's Greek and Turkish Cypriots participated in power-sharing until 1963, when tax disagreements spilled over into an all-out dispute over how to manage the government. Violence erupted in December 1963, and the U.N. brought peacekeeping forces on the island six months later. Turkish Cypriots withdrew, partitioning the capital Nicosia. Turkey, invaded Cyprus in July 1974 after Greek-inspired nationalists staged brief coup which toppled the legitimate government.

What Form Does This Conflict Take?

There is a lot of tension due to that fact that Turkey has occupied the northern part of Cyprus. This dispute was originally a colonial dispute, meaning problems between colonies, then shifted into a ethnic dispute, problems between ethnic groups.

What is the Spatial Extent of the Conflict?

Southeastern part of Europe (Turkey and Cyprus).
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How Long Has There Been Tension or Conflict?

Cyprus and Turkey have been disputing since 1918, but the conflict officially started from the 1974 Turkish invasion. The conflict is still on-going today.

How Has the Conflict Been Manifested?

The United Nations tried to maintain peace between the two countries by creating the “Green Line” which separates the Turkish controlled area from the Cyprus controlled area.

How Many People Have Been Affected and How?

The exact number of people affected is unknown. But the people of Cyprus and Turkey have been very affected by the conflict. Many other countries have been affected because they go into Cyprus and Turkey to try and resolve the on-going conflict between these two countries.

In addition, all the Cypriots that have emigrated from Cyprus because of Turkey’s invasion and occupation, generally immigrate to the same countries.

Whether it is a Greek-Cypriot or a Turkish-Cypriot, they immigrate countries, such as, the United States, Canada and Australia. There, they establish a new community, similar to the mixed villages that existed before 1974.

The people of Cyprus need to be heard in order for the world to listen. As the Turkish-Cypriot press reports everyday, the problem is getting worse, not better.