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September 2019

Around the library...

It was great to welcome everyone back for the 2019-20 school year! This month we focused on on books that exemplified our three new library rules: Be Brave, Be Smart and Be Kind. Book checkout began right away for grades 1-4 this year, a first for the Copper Hill Library! Kindergarten students have been learning about the how the library works, the rules and will be checking out books very soon.

Featured Books

Picture Book:

Unicorns 101 by Cale Atkinson: This book made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! It reads like a science lesson on unicorns, complete with biology, diet, habitat and history. A must-read for unicorn fans! (All ages)

Chapter Book:

Inspector Flytrap by Tom Angleberger & Cece Bell: A Venus flytrap detective with a goat sidekick? This first in a series proves to be a silly adventure for early chapter book readers. (Grades 1-3)


The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl by Stacy McAnulty: When Lucy was struck by lightning 4 years ago, she instantly became a math genius. Since then, she has been homeschooled and is technically ready for college. But her Nana presents Lucy with her biggest challenge yet: survive 1 year at the local public middle school. Can she do it? (Grades 3-4)


Did You Burp? Or Not? How to Ask Questions by April Pulley Sayre: Have you ever stood in front of a group of children and asked if there were any questions, only to be answered with what they did over the summer, how they have a playdate this weekend and that their fish died 3 years ago? This funny, but informative, new book shares just what a question is, what it's not and why they are so important. (All ages)

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Our very own author/illustrator team!

Ms. Ashforth and her student, Nicholas, teamed up to create an OUTSTANDING new book about dealing with feelings! Be sure to come and check it out in the library!
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Copper Hill Library Mission

It is the mission of the Copper Hill Library to provide students, staff and parents with a nurturing environment that empowers them to become effective and efficient users of information and technology, informed decision makers, and leaders in their community.