It is the End of the School Year!

CFHS Counseling Updates!

CFHS Counseling Office Updates- June 2021

Please check out the following information regarding:

  • Counselor Summer Availability
  • Senior Transcript Information
  • FAFSA Help Available
  • 2021-22 Schedule Change Day and Other Important Dates
  • ACT Registration and Prep for July 17th
  • Career and College Planning

CFHS Counselor Summer Availability

The CFHS counselors will ONLY be available on the following Tuesday mornings during the summer from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. One of us will be in the office and able to assist with questions about college and career exploration, college applications, transcripts, ACT prep, etc. We will also be proctoring students taking correspondence or online tests and scheduling new students. Counselors will NOT be able to make schedule adjustments during this time. Please call 319-553-2515 or make an appointment by clicking on the counselor's name.

Class of 2021 Senior Transcripts

Every Senior met with their school counselor for an exit interview in May. At that time, students shared what their post-secondary plans included and requested where to send their final transcripts. Please note that transcripts will not be ready to send until the second week of June. The final transcript is free of charge. If you decide to attend a different school than requested, please call 553-2515 or 553-2501 to let us know of the change.

  1. Seniors who took Hawkeye Concurrent classes or PSEO classes are responsible for REQUESTING AND SENDING TRANSCRIPTS to the college they are attending. Please contact Hawkeye and/or UNI to request a transcript with the information below. If you are taking concurrent or PSEO classes this semester, you might want to wait until mid-June to contact the college. Otherwise, you can do it as soon as possible.


All requests for transcripts are made through the National Student Clearinghouse. You will need to follow the steps below to order your transcript. There is a fee of $4.05 that you will need to pay via credit or debit card while ordering. You will also need your Hawkeye ID or Social Security Number.

  1. Go to Hawkeye’s website at

  2. Click on Academics

  3. Under records and registration, you will click on Request a Transcript.


Please check out the Requesting an Official Transcript website at

Important Dates for 2021-22

2021-22 Schedule Change Information

  • Schedule Changes: Friday, August 13 (Students are also allowed to make schedule changes the first three days of the 1st semester.) More information will be sent out closer to the date.
  • MVP Training: Monday, August 16th from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Important Events

  • Senior Parent Meeting: Monday, September 13th from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • College Fair at McLeod Center: Tuesday, September 14th from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY!
  • College Application Week: September 27-October 2nd

ACT Registration

Many colleges are going "Test Optional" for admission. Please check the college website for more information.

Taking the ACT in July lets your students focus on what matters — themselves. Having a clear focus and a runway without school-year responsibilities like homework and clubs can help their ACT performance soar. Their college destination is waiting and they’re cleared for take-off. Let’s go!


Register by June 18 for the ACT® test on July 17.

Career and College Planning

The juniors were all given a survey this spring to help us determine their interests after high school. We then invited students to small groups with college admission counselors, military and apprenticeship representatives.

Summer is a great time to do some college and career exploration. Students should access their Xello accounts to take assessments, explore colleges and careers, check out scholarships, build resumes, and much more. Xello is a GREAT resource. Please take advantage of it!!

Out of State Colleges

Here is some helpful information for students who shared they were interested in an out-of-state college after graduation. Please check out these things you can be doing this summer or early in the fall to prepare for your senior year.

  1. Check out the websites of the colleges you are interested in. If possible to take an in-person visit, see what the options are for what college you are interested in. Many colleges are also offering virtual visits right now, which is a pretty good option if you are not able to visit in person.
  2. Make sure you check the requirements of the college you are interested in attending. Some of the out-of-state colleges have different requirements including world language and fine arts classes. The official website will have the requirements listed and you want to make sure you have everything you need on your schedule for next year.
  3. Check out what the college testing requirement will be for next year. Many colleges are going "test-optional" since it has been difficult for students to take the ACT or SAT. If you have questions about this, talk to your counselor and we can also visit with the admission counselor from the college to figure out what is your best option. If you need to take the ACT this summer, there is a test on July 17th. Register HERE for the July test. There will also be a September test with an August deadline that is before school starts.
  4. Look at the cost of the college you are interested in. Some out-of-state colleges cost more but also might have scholarship options available. Have a discussion with your parents about the cost of college and make plans for how you might pay for it. Also, plan to fill out the FAFSA on October 1
  5. Many competitive colleges use the Common Application so students can fill out one application for the several colleges. You might want to check out what the Common Application includes for the college you interested in. Some applications need letters of recommendations and you may want to be thinking of who you would like to ask to write a letter for you.
  6. Many colleges that use the Common Application also require essays. There are specific PROMPTS that you also might want to look at to be thinking about what you will include in your essay. One piece of advice that many college admissions counselors have shared for the essay is to let them know you have researched the college and include something about your visit or what you are looking forward to. The other piece of advice is to try and make your essay unique. Make sure you include something that will make your essay stand out. Let us know if you need ideas for your essays.

The more you can explore this summer, the more prepared you will be in the fall! Let us know if you have any questions!!


If you still need help completing your FAFSA, please check out this link!