Roman Society

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The Roman Punishment

The Roman punishment is shown as hus adultery, which now only subjects the offender to a civil suit, was by the Romans, as well as the ancient Jews, punished corporally.for example they will some times feed them to this lions or just cut them heads off

Roman Laws

The first set of Roman laws published by the Decemviri which would be the starting point of the elaborate Roman constitution. The twelve tables covered issues of civil, criminal and military law.One of the laws is that the slaves should always do what their told and a other law is that they could be selled to other people .

Roman Citizenship

A complex set of rules determined who was or was not a Roman citizen. One could be a citizen by virtue of one's birth if certain circumstances applied. If both mother and father had conubium, the child was deemed a citizen and held the social class of its father.


The Roman judicial system distinguished laws from facts. There were indictments, jury trails, prosecutors, defense attorneys and both softhearted and unforgiving judges.