Horace Mann High School

News and Notes March/April 2016

Dates to Remember

Friday, April 8th Senior Picture

April-May ACT Aspire, STAR and Sophomore Social Studies assessments(google doc shared)

April 14th Severe Weather (Tornado) Drill 1:30, 1:45(move to shelter)

April 27th jazz band chili supper @ BA cafeteria

May 11th Senior Class Banquet

May 18th Horace Mann Awards Night

May 20-22 Horace Mann Play

May 24th BA Awards Night

May 25th Strizek Concert and Art Show

May 30th Memorial Day

May 31st Senior Class Trip

June 5th Graduation 1:00 p.m.



Documentation Log May 1st

SLO May 15th

If you have any questions or need help please let me know. I have emailed comments to several staff who needed to complete items or add to mid year, etc.

thank you for all your help!


It's always nice to have staff present at Graduation-I am also going to invite BA and FLC as well as any ELC staff members who would like to walk in with us.

If you are able to walk in with us it's about an hour and fifteen minutes and it's great for the students to see all of us there!

We have black robes from choir we use or feel free to wear your own!


April 13th Faculty meeting

Just a reminder we will review any suggested handbook changes, end of the year information, upcoming inservice and any others!

Counseling staff will also share our crisis plan and their protocols with you.

Thank you all for being present.


We briefly spoke as a staff about expectations.

All staff by now(almost a year later) should have their calendar on Haiku, their quizzes and tests as well as any handout. Our goal is to have this resource make us more efficient and it be available to our parents/students so they are aware of what is going on in class.

Dan is a great resource for this if you need help to be more efficient. He is also putting days and times to meet with him out.

Alice Drill

Great job on the drill today.

Here are a few reminders:

With information we present always go to the worst case scenario-lockdown/barricade or evacuate.

Please keep doors closed and locked during the day.

Remind students in hallways-if you have them working-what to do if announcement is made.

PLEASE make sure you have our ALICE laminated sheets for your sub.

Great job practicing-we had a staff member evacuate right away, others go into lockdown and one barricade the door.

Please let me know if you have any questions.