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The October Newsletter

Back in the Saddle Again

Hi everyone!

As I mentioned at the staff meeting last week, I am back and ready for action! A thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hi and check in on me, and to those of you I haven't met yet, please stop by soon to introduce yourself; I am limited in my roaming around the building capabilities right now!

Keep reading to find out about all of the awesome events coming up in the next month, the new resources we have, and for some educational tid bits.


Monday, Oct. 16th -Thursday, Oct. 26th

The 9th Annual Pumpkin People Contest for students & staff! Decorate your mini-pumpkin or gourd (50 cents-$1.00) to look like a recognizable character- more info can be found on the flyer that was placed in your mailboxes last week.

Mrs. Kilmister has already submitted an entry in an attempt to psyche out the competition, and I can't wait to see what else people will create!

All adults are welcome to judge the students’ entries on Thursday, Oct. 26th. (And the students will judge yours!) Winners will be announced on Friday morning.

Thanks to Mrs. Newton for her generous pumpkin donations and to Mr. Mahoney for being the pumpkin purchaser.

Monday, Oct. 23rd- Friday, October 27th

The Scholastic Book Fair (click to view the brochure)

This year we have set the lofty goal to earn $3,900 in sales! Your help talking up the book fair, signing up to bring students, and allowing kids to come down during Pride Block, in addition to your purchases, will help reach this goal.

Reading classes: Thank you to those who have already contacted me to schedule a shopping date and time. For those of you who have not, please do so!

Pride Block teachers: Please pump up the kids about this as best you can. Still have that stack of preview pamphlets you found in your mailbox two weeks ago? Pass them out!

And remember- Teachers and staff will receive a 20% discount on all purchases.

November 6th-November 9th

Registration for the 5th Annual “On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!” Marathon Reading Challenge! All interested staff, students and administration are invited to participate, though we request you do not require whole groups to sign up (they tend to be less invested when you MAKE them). In order to participate, one MUST register during these four days. Please encourage students to stop into the library media center and come down yourself to get your name on the list. Last year we had 75 students & adults cross the finish line having read 1174 books! Let’s see if we can surpass that this year!

More information, including a flyer to hang in your room, will be coming soon to a mailbox near you.

I Like New Books and I Cannot Lie

Be Resourceful

Magazines for Teachers

I have a hard copy of the following magazines for those of you who may be interested in borrowing. Don't have the time to read a magazine? Here are my takeaways from the most recent issues of each.

TEACHING TOLERANCE- There is a GREAT article "Secret Agents of Kindness" that relates to what Bryan is trying to accomplish with his "Kindness Counts" ideas. Read it and you just may be inspired to join the Kindness Committee (The first meeting is November 7th.)

Tech & Learning- There was a quick list of the 5 Tech Trends to Watch This School Year

1. Coding for all students

2. Real-Time Learning Feedback

3. VR (virtual reality) is Coming to Town

4. Media Literacy to Combat Fake News

5. Redefining Digital Citizenship

Database, Database, oooh la la Database!

Opposing Viewpoints In Context is the premier online resource covering today’s hottest social issues, from capital punishment to immigration, to marijuana. This cross-curricular research tool supports science, social studies, current events, and language arts classes. Its informed, differing views present each side of an issue and help students develop information literacy, critical thinking skills, and the confidence to draw their own valid conclusions. (password: nhais)


Scope and Depth

  • More than 20,100 pro/con viewpoints
  • More than 19,200 reference articles, including topic overviews
  • More than 12,700 charts and graphs, along with other statistical information
  • 300+ profiles of federal agencies and special-interest groups
  • Special coverage of the annual debate topic determined by the National Speech and Debate Association
  • Full-text newspapers and periodicals from multiple perspectives, including National Review, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Commentary, and CNN Wire


  • Engage users with thousands of images, videos, and audio selections from authoritative sources.
  • Interactive maps show statistical trends in a readily understandable way.

Remaining Relevant

I am HAPPY to help in any way that I can, so please do not hesitate to call down, stop in, or drop me an email with an inquiry or request. I'd be happy to teach a mini-lesson to your class, help them pick out independent reading books, or pull print resources you may need to compliment your lessons.

This week, I pulled books on Prehistoric man for Mrs. Lochhead, Mr. Wheeler brought his students down to work on a Google Classroom assignment, and Mrs. Still brought her kids down to pick out new independent reading books.

And just a reminder: INDEPENDENT READING IS IMPORTANT! Please encourage your students to make time to read a book(or many) for fun!



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Krystal Searah, LMS

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