Complete Destruction

Just an ordinary day...

In 79 A.D. it was just ordinary day. People were doing there normal things such as just taking a walk, when all of the sudden there was some shaking going and people started to notice Mount Vesuvius started to erupt...
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It's getting worse!

Mount Vesuvius started to erupt but in the time span of about 2 hours it got bad! The ground was shaking, the sky was turning black, everything was being destroyed. But this is just the beginning. Here is a video to show you what Pompeii was like.
A Day in Pompeii - Full-length animation

It won't stop!

Mount Vesuvius wouldn't stop. It would just keep getting worse. Soon, it would start to spit out fireballs that would fly through the air just destroyed homes and buildings. Around a day later, Pompeii was destroyed. Around 16,000 people were killed and and were "frozen in time."