Middle School Nugget

Saint Mark's - A Catholic IDEALS School

November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This week's Nugget is mostly in picture format, in hopes to engage conversation among parents and students. Be sure to ask your son/daughter about the learning taking place at school, using the following photos as prompts.

Language Arts - Mrs. Kendra Whinnery

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Science - Mrs. Sarah Schwab

6th grade Science

7th grade Science

8th grade Science

Math - Mrs. Katy Kieffer

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Social Studies- Ms. Kate Heintzelman

This week we spent time working on thesis statements for History Day. We also explored the four different project types: Documentary, Exhibit, Performance, and Website. If the students have not finished their thesis it is due the Monday after Thanksgiving. All grades will start new maps on Monday.

Spanish - Ms. Hanna Brown

8th, 7th and 6th grade students got to enjoy skyping Señorita Brown's friend, Ben, who is studying abroad in Chile. Students learned new words in Spanish, and learned a lot about the Chilean culture. They were able to communicate with Ben using Spanish words they know. Students asked questions and learned a lot! It was really neat. Ask your kiddos what they learned about the Chilean culture and what new words they learned as well.

Music - Mrs. Alisa Rogers

Religion - Mrs. Katy Kieffer

Physical Education - Mr. Thomas Gorilla

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Extended Family Time

Brain Break

Why Mistakes Matter in Learning