Emotional Conditioning

March 15, 2016

Tasks of the Day

#1. Now that you have completed all the practice and assignments for module 6, you will use your knowledge and understanding of Learning to take this test. You will have some multiple choice questions, and a constructed response question. This should be done without notes or other resources open on your computer. Make sure to review the APA guidelines on ethics to prepare for your constructed response question. The NCVPS policy on Academic Integrity is to be maintained.

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Little Albert Experiment

What's your biggest fear?

The "Little Albert" experiment conducted by John B Watson was based on the principle that you could classically condition a person to have a specific emotion to a previously neutral stimuli. What did he prove?

  1. Conditioning of emotions to a neutral object is possible
  2. Conditioned emotion can generalize to other objects that have similar characteristics

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Excellent work Kinsey!

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