McNeel Intermediate

5th Grade October Newsletter

Measurement Song

Language Arts with Mrs. Murry and Ms. Emberson

As we begin a new term, we will be focusing on reading Non-fiction books. We will be researching an ecosystem and creating an informational book at the end of the unit. Ask your student which ecosystem they chose for their project.

Social Studies with Mrs. Murry and Ms. Emberson

We are moving into our 3rd unit which is about early settlements in North America. We will be talking about Roanoke, Jamestown, Plymouth and other early settlements and whether they were successful or not. Ask your student why people would want to leave their homelands.

Dual Language with Ms. Garcia and Ms. Colby

DLI students are starting a new unit in ARC where we are going to focus on "Ecosistemas" and "Adaptaciones de los animales". We have also been learning about traditions in Mexico like the "Día de los muertos". In Sciences we have been making experiments about mixing different substances. The lancers during the last weeks have been: Madelín Ortiz, Geovanny Salazar and Jázer Sánchez. Great job lanceros y lanceras!

Student of the Week

Amplify 5th Grade Patterns of Earth and Sky Introduction