Neil Armstrong Elementary

Dr. Stevenson's Weekly News- Week 32

May 2-6

Weekly Plan-Culture, Communication, Collaboration


It's Teacher Appreciation Week! This is one of my favorite weeks of the year because the whole world stops and attempts to thank all of you for all that you do every single day to help all of our children. I know that cookies and Azteca from PTA are nowhere near enough to "pay" you for the blood, sweat, and tears (literally) that you put in every day, but hopefully it makes you smile and reflect on why you became a teacher!

  • Math PLCs were excellent, as always, on Monday! We actually had 1st, Kinder, and 5th be able to plan out their end of the year for math instruction and look at the new ST Math Fluency online system! We have made so much progress in our math conversations at PLC this year and our student achievement reflects that!
  • Kudos to Danielle, Brooke, Jodi, Amera, Jessica, and Colleen for helping me present "A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That" at the state PBIS conference on Tuesday in Des Moines! We heard lots of attendees compliment about our ARMS PBIS system and they loved learning from our Morning Meeting videos!
  • It was fun to celebrate all of our future NA babies after school on Thursday! We can't wait to meet your little ones Becky, Judi, Andrea, and Debbie!
  • Becca Eastman and Jenni did an excellent job presenting at the 21CCLC conference in Des Moines on Friday about our Rock-It tutoring/enrichment tutoring program! We have so much to be proud of at NA!
  • Next week the PTA will be providing lunch for all staff on Wednesday. It is catered from Azteca and the leftovers are usually enough for Thursday, too!
  • Personal days season is here! Don't forget to get your requests in ahead of time to AESOP! We have six staff gone on Friday the 6th :)
  • Check out the link below to see the PBIS Rewards website and some free and inexpensive ideas for PBIS rewards in your classroom! We learned about the app at our conference!

Monday May 2

7:45 Behavior Data Team

8:50 2nd grade Literacy PLC w/Adrianna, Patty, Lisa, Jenni, Carrie

9:00 Behavior IEP w/Ardie, Amber, Lisa, Scott(?)

10:50 4th grade Literacy PLC w/Debbie, Kate, Jenni, Carrie

12:20 1st grade Literacy PLC w/Bonnie, Erica, Kyrie, Lisa, Jenni, Carrie

1:20 Kindergarten Literacy PLC w/Jessica, Kathy, Lisa, Jenni, Carrie

2:20 5th grade Literacy PLC w/Scott, Becca, Lisa, Jenni, Carrie

Tuesday May 3

7:30-12 3rd grade PN/HH teacher interviews at Admin for Lisa

8-4 Erika and Becky at 3rd grade district level meeting at Admin

8:30 School-wide Morning Meeting

9-11:30 2nd grade field trip to Fryxell Museum

1:30 Supervisors/Administrators' meeting

Wednesday May 4

9:00 K-5 Bus safety drill

10:00 Dr. Schutte visit at NA

10:20 3rd grade Literacy PLC w/Becky, Erika, Jenni, Carrie

11-1 NA PTA Teacher Appreciation Lunch from Azteca :)

12:30 Danielle and Colleen at AEA PBIS coaches meeting

3:30 Behavior IEP w/Ardie, Amber, Bonnie

Thursday May 5

9:00 Observe Erika (Bonnie's student teacher)

9:30 Morning Meetings recording w/Colleen

1:00 Weekly instructional coaches meeting w/Jenni and Carrie

2:30 Weekly 21CCLC meeting w/Jenni and Becca

7:30 Elementary Orchestra concert at BHS PAC

Friday May 6

7:45 NA BLT monthly meeting in conference room

10:00 Weekly school counselor meeting with Danielle

10:45 Weekly office meeting with Mindy, Lori, Kimberly

1:30 Elementary Principals' PLC meeting