Michael Jackson

Tiernan Keyser

The king of pop.

Michael Jackson is famous in the musical world because he started in this family band Jackson 5. When he was 5 he was performing at a school talent show and his dad Joe Jackson saw him there. After his performance his father noticed he could sing so he put him into thr family band Jackson 5.
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Early Life

Michael Jackson was born in Gary Indiana August 29th 1958. His first ever point of being famous was in the family band of his, Jackson 5. Michael got pretty famous from being in that band and others. When he broke the branch and moved to himself and focusing on his own carier by himself without a real band to help he became pretty popular and blew up around the world in the 1980's.

Musical Accomplishments


Michael Jackson won all his Grammy´s on these dates, in 1980 Michael Jackson won Favorite Male Artist, Favorite Album and favorites single. In 1981 he won Favorite Male Artist and Favorite Album. In 1984 he won Award of Merit, Favorite Male Artist twice, Favorite Album twice, Favorite Single, and Favorite Video twice. In 1986 he won Award of appreciation and Song of the Year. In 1988 he won Favorite Single, In 1989 he won Special Achievment Award. In 1993 he won International Artist Award, Favorite Album and Favorite Single. In 1996 he won Favorite Pop/Rock Song, in 2002 he won Artist of the Century. In 2009 he won Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist, Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist Favorite Pop/Rock Album and Favorite Soul/R&B Album. That is alot of awards for one person.

Musical Accompishments-Billboard Awards

Michael Jackson won all 8 of his regular Billboard Awards on these dates, 1989, #1 album. 1991 Artist of the Year, Hot 100 Sigles Artist Hot R&B Singles Artist, Hot Dance Music Club Play Artist, Hot Dance Music Maxi-Single Sales Artist. In 1995 he won, Special Hot 100 Award and Video of the Year. In 2012 the Billboard Spotlight Award.

Musical Accomplishments-Guinness World Records

I am not going to say all of them because there is too many for that so I am just going to say the dates and how many he won during that year, in 1984 he gained one, in 1986 one, In 1988 he gained 4. In 1993 he got three, 1996 he got one, in 1997 he gained one, in 2000 he gained one, 2002 he gained three, in 2006 he gained eleven. In 2009 he gained two, in 2010 he got three and in 2011 he got two, 2012 one and 2014 one. He was gaining records even as he was not with us.

Musical Accomplishments-Cashbox Awards

Michael Jackson won 11 Cashbox wards and these are the dates and what they are. In 1980 and 1981 he won Soul Album of the Year, In 1883 he won Number One Male Artist, Top Black Male Artist, Top Male Singles Artist, Top Black Male Singles Artist. He won Top Pop Album and Top Black Album, Top Pop Single and Top Black Single. In 1989 he won Video Pionier.

Fun Facts

As you probably know Michael has many siblings 10 to be exact and to be a little more specific he has 3 children of his own. Besides the point Michael and one of his sisters Janet Jackson made a duet called ¨Scream¨. This music video to this day still hold the record for most exspensive music video. seven million to be exact and that is alot of money. Michael Jackson was what you thought stayed on the ball of his list of things he had to do. I´m just kidding he was very good at keeping track of most things. He must have forgot about the library because ounce he owed one million dollars in rental fees. That is alot of money to owe a library. His Thriller album sold forty-five million copies worldwide. That is alot of copies to me.
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Michael Jackson Today

Michael Jackson is not alive anymore as he died June 25th 2009. He died in Holmby Hills Los Angles CA. We all miss him and still adore all his music dearly.