I Survived

The Attack of September 11, 2001 by Lauren Tarshis


Lucas,he loves football and a son of a firefighter

Uncle Benny, is friends with Lucas dad and Uncle Benny is a firefighter

Dad,he is a firefighter too


Tuesday, Sep. 11th 2001 at 8:30pm

New York City at the World trade Center

The setting is New York City, where the World Trade Center.


Away do what's right.


Beg:Lucas loves football but that get taking away from him when he get a concussion

in football practice.Next Lucas mom takes him to the doctors office and he gets his third concussion so his parents decided he should quit football.Then he goes to uncles firehouse to talk to him about football if he needs to quit football.

Mid:The firehouse gets a call that said a jet hit twin tower 1 so the firefighters left and Lucas had to stay the firehouse then Lucas turn on the news.After that another jet hit tower 2 and then he was trying to connect his parents but they didn't pick up.So he left voice mail then he started thinking is this attack or accident.His dad showed up then they went back to the firehouse after went to the firehouse they were trying to help people then building 1 started falling down and Lucas and his dad ran into a covenant store there already other people in side lucky his dad had a flashlight and there was a back door so every in there went out the back when they got out Lucas was wonder if his uncle survived. If want to figure out what happen you have to read the book.