By Kareena Mehta

Say NO to De-Extinction!

Extinct animals should not revive, because if the animals were extinct because of humans, by hunting, or there habitat is completly destroyed and they would have no place to go. I don’t think humans have changed much in a mental perspective because even if the animals got revived then there would still be humans hunting the animals and it would get extinct again. Also, suppose they make a law to stop killing animals or hunting them, there would still be many people breaking the law trying to look cool or just think about it, there are so many laws but there are still so many people breaking them. Another thing is, the climate, what if we revive an animal but it doesn't suit any habitat on earth. Also, people might take advantage of de-extinction and you would have to make more and more of the extinct animals, and at the end there would always be just one left.

What Animals Have Been Extinct and Why?

1. Wolly Mammoths= Hunted For Meat, Fur and Tusk.

2. Caspian Tigers= Hunted

3. Thylacines= Hunted for Fur

4. Dodo Birds= Hunted

5. Passenger Pigeons= Hunted

These are a few major species that got extinct and all were extinct due to HUNTING!

These Are The Extinct Animals