The World Trade Center

Savannah Price

Facts About The World Trade Center

The World Trade Center is in Manhattan, New York City. The World Trade Center's Twin Towers stood at 1,368 and 1,362 feet. They broke ground on Aug 5, 1966. The World Trade Center was completed in 1973.

More Fun Facts About The World Trade Center

In 1993 The World Trade Center faced their first challenge. 2,200 pounds of TNT exploded. The bomb killed 6 people. Then the second, heart breaking and final challenge. Two planes were hijacked and ripped into both The North and South Tower. The South Tower was hit first crumbling to the ground at 9:59am, and the North Tower at 10:28am. All the debris burned all day long until 5:20pm. On this day of horror the world lost 3,00 people including all 19 hijackers. In conclusion the World Trade Centers were treasured icons in America. The skyline of New York has a gaping hole where they once stood. On every September 11 two lights shine where they once stood.