SIG at Yale University 2014

Medical Microbiology , The Cosmos and The Big Bang Theory

Notes from the Director - Rosemary Craig

Week two and going strong! Students are debating the feasibility of time travel, cosmic proportions, litigation and WHAT??? SAT success of course!!!

While strolling around the campus SIG students are running , jumping, stretching as part of their "Fit For Life" class. Boys and girls are collaborating , talking and role playing for their video projects. Elsewhere, the anticipation of dissecting fetal pigs next week adds to the intrigue of students concentrating on increasing their understanding of the physiological systems and processes of organisms.

The mercurial weather further tested our adaptability for sudden change as students sloshed through puddles to their evening activities and walked slowly through the rain with hopes that the probability of the number of raindrops plopping onto their heads could be reduced by walking slower parallel to the angle of the downpour. With fair weather came uncontrollable laughter while students tried to balance balloons in the air which eventually ended in a big bang! Oh, well, so much for coordination!

As the mind grows so do friendships .., someone from Moscow listens to songs on the earphones of someone from New York or China or Brazil or... Groups wildly cheer for the World Cup Soccer teams. All are united in a common cause, the cause of making the world a better place for everyone - and here, especially for the students at SIG Yale 1.

Talent Show

Sunday, July 13th, 7:30pm

SSS (Sheffield Sterling Strathcona) at 1 Prospect Street, Yale, New Haven, CT 0511

You are most enthusiastically invited to watch the students showcase their talents in singing, dance, hip hop recitation, instrumentals. This will be a once in a life time opportunity to experience an evening of raw beautiful talent performed by the students of SIG Yale 1. Please come.

Closing Ceremony

Thursday, July 17th, 5:30pm

SSS (Sheffield Sterling Strathcona located at 1 Prospect Street

A summary of SIG Yale 1 will be given by staff as well as speeches from students followed by the presentation of certificates and recognition. The Student Activities Coordinator will give a slide show of SIG Yale 1 students in action.

Student Departure

Friday, July 18th, 10am-12pm

205 Elm Street, Yale Berkeley College, SIG Yale 1 Program

Yale Conference and Events kindly requests that students must depart no later than 12:00 p.m. noon time.