Final Project

Personal Values & Classroom Culture

Value Statement

My value system is to help create independent and motivated students who gain confidence through decision making to result in an overall positive classroom environment.

Classroom Matrix of Expectations

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Parent Interaction Plan

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Tier 2 Action Plan

1. Baseline data collection

a. See attachment A

2. Analysis

a. The behavior identified in this intervention is shouting out in the classroom. It is further explained as a student who speaks out in class without raising his/her hand or being called upon. The student in this plan ranged from two to seven incidents per 49 minute class period. All of the recorded incidents occurred during large group class time when either the teacher was providing direct instruction or the class was engaged in conversation. Before the behavior occurs, the student’s peers have demonstrated the correct way to participate and after the behavior occurs, the teacher reminds the student of the appropriate way to participate in class.

3. Definition of the behavior

a. The student shouts out answers to questions or questions about content without raising his/her hand and being called upon.

4. Intervention planned

a. The planned intervention will involve both the student and the teacher.

b. During work time, the teacher will pull the student aside and teach the intervention system.

c. The student will choose the positive reinforcement (MARE awards, positive emails home, etc).

d. The student and teacher will communicate non-verbally in an effort to correct the problem behavior.

e. On the first and second offence in a class period, the teacher will tap a finger on the student’s desk as a non-verbal clue. If the teacher has to do this a third time within an hour the planned consequence is that the student will write a reminder in their assignment notebook to raise their hand before speaking in class. The positive reinforcement will be the item or action chosen by the student.

f. Parents will be included in this intervention by monitoring of the assignment notebook.

g. The teacher will also collect data on the BIP to check for results from this intervention.

5. Charting and progress monitoring

a. See attachment B

6. Analysis of progress

a. The data shows a reduction in the amount of shouting out this student has done since the implementation of the intervention. At the review after two weeks, the intervention will be modified to a single warning and upon a second offence the positive reinforcement or negative consequence will go into effect.

7. A scheduled review of the plan

a. The intervention will be revisited every two weeks until all parties (teacher, student and parents) determine the intervention is no longer necessary for this behavior.

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Building Plan

Computer Labs

Target Group:

· All Park View Middle School students and staff


· Computer Labs (room 9 & 19)


· The purpose of this school wide plan is to create shared expectations and language for all PVMS students in a commonly shared space.


· This plan will be further developed with the support of the Library Technology Specialist and IT Technical Specialist for additional ideas or areas that need emphasis.

· The staff will first be instructed on the expectations and asked for feedback to make improvements to these common expectations.

· Advertising will include a PBIS poster was developed to educate students about the Mustang Way in this environment. This poster will be enlarged so that it can be viewed throughout the entire lab. If possible, it could also be installed as the desktop background for all lab computers.

· During the bi-annual Mustang Round Ups, the Computer Lab setting could be addressed through a brief visit and informative PowerPoint or video presentation.

· Data and feedback will be solicited via an end of the year Google Forms survey in order to make improvements and changes to the expectations as needed.


· The data and feedback from the Google Forms survey will be analyzed the by PBIS promotions team. The goal of the building plan is to include common language and expectations for all students in all settings by following the Mustang Way. Progress will be continually monitored by classroom teachers who utilize the space on various occasions. A successful plan will allow for shared responsibility by students and staff to take care of a common space and less time used by the library staff/classroom teachers to fix any misuse of the environment.

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