Room 322 News

A weekly review

December 14-18, 2015

Here's what we've been up to this week:

Math- Our I-Can statements of the week we've been working on:

I can partition a rectangle into equal-sized squares using rows and columns.

Students have been creating and partitioning manipulative rectangles in their journals, through worksheets, and on interactive SMARTBoard presentations. They have been explaining how many rows, columns, and squares total they have used. We have also moved on to the next task in our Shrek character creations.

I can identify 2D and 3D shapes using their attributes.

Students chose a 3-dimensional shape to create a foldable of then answered questions about their shape in their journal. These were shared with their group members.

I can find examples of how geometry is used in real life situations

We have been partitioning desserts as a way to show how important it is to use geometry skills in real life. Virtual brownies, cakes, and a rectangular cookie cake were all ways we learned partitioning this week!

Revisited topics of addition/subtraction strategies, place value, counting money, and time through games and extra practice at the end of the week.

Word Work- Students took their WTW test on Tuesday. They also completed a spelling inventory like they did at the beginning of the year for me to see their progress so far. Groups will likely be switched around and new words given out when we come back in January.

Writing- We have finished and shared our How-to books and have began a creative writing piece with the prompt 'If My Snowman Came To Life...' We have previously discussed the book Snowman so we connected our reading to writing by this prompt and by watching the short video of it Friday.

Reading- Nonfiction text features, reading strategies, and small group learning has been stressed this week. We have also done a lot of practice with fluency this week. Our new Wayside School read aloud has began as well.

Social Studies- Students travelled to South Africa with Mrs. Barber this week!


Our holiday party went very well today! It was lovely seeing many of you there and the kids had a lot of fun! We had stations with physical and thinking games and a cookie decorating station as well. Thank you so much for your help and donations!

Please send your child with headphones when break is over! Many have broken and it is crucial students have these daily for using iReady and Dreambox in class.

Important Testing Information

January is going to be another testing heavy month with mid year benchmarks for DE testing, Reading3D testing, and more. Unfortunately, the testing window opens on Wednesday the first week we are back at school. I would highly recommend continuing to read with your child during break and especially ask those comprehension questions. The mid year benchmark is more demanding for both fluency and comprehension so any work you can do at home will help them not to lose it over the next 16 days off!

ENCORE After Break






Have a safe and happy holiday break! See you all in 2 weeks :)

Thank You!

Thanks a million for all the help and support you all provided for the party-it was a fun afternoon and that's thanks in part to you all! I am also very grateful and appreciative to families that gave me holiday gifts--you are so kind and I will miss your children over break!