Kyra Wani's Open House Smore

Science Class

Earthquake PBL

One of the many projects we did was our Earthquake PBL. We did this in our Earthquake Unit, within our table groups, so I was paired with Maya, Tahlia, and Belle. We worked to make a blueprint with all of our combined ideas, then build a model that could survive after being shaken on a table, ansewer questions, assign jobs, do an interview, do daily video jornals, and create a map of California that showed the earthquake risk throughout the state. All we did added up to the driving question: how can we, as structual engineers, build a two story house that will withstand seismic activity?

Atmosphere 30 Hands Project

The independant 30 Hands Project was done in Unit 5, our Atmopshere Unit. We were to create 9 slides that included two or more pictured (including a title slide and a works cited slide) that answered the question that was assigned to that slide. We then made a script based of the slide, but in more detail. The final step was to put it all together on the 30 Hands app and record our voice into the video using our scripts. The questions challenged us to undercover and define Greenhouse Gases, Global Warming, the Greenhouse Effect, Climate Change, and what they all do to the world.

Invention Convention

In our Invention Convention, done in Unit 6 (Fossil Fuels), I choose to be partnered with Tahlia. The object of the project was to create an invention or innovation that was powered by non-renewable resources. We came up with the idea to do a hydropowered, underwater timer. We filled out two questions and an illistration that explained our innovation, then make a model of it out of trash.

Unit 5

My favorite unit was Unit Five, the Atmosphere Unit, maily because of the 30 Hands Project. I liked the unit, and the 30 Hands project, because we didn't rush through it like normal, but had an entire month to do the project and more than that to do the unit. Because of this expansion, we were able to ask more questions and understand the concept more clearly. I was also able to remember what we learned in it, and the vocabulary, easier than the other units. Other than that, I liked learning about the subject, becuase although we had done some things on Outerspace in fifth grade, this was mostly a new era of learning for me.