Kindergarten Kibbittz

Mrs. Weiser's Weekly Newsletter

February 16th-19th


We had such a fun week finishing up our author study on Jan Brett! We really grew to love her writing and her illustrations that were so full of color and detail. The Snow Bears was a great book for us to explore this week. As we read, we knew the story sounded familiar, and quickly realized it was just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We practiced sequencing after reading The Snow Bears. Some of the other Jan Brett stories that we read were The Mitten, The Hat, and The Gingerbread Baby. On Thursday we took a class vote to see which story everyone liked the best, and The Gingerbread Baby was the biggest hit! After casting our vote we actually created a Jan Brett paper doll! We didn't want to only draw her, but also add details that made Jan Brett unique. So, we added pencils, art pallets, animals, and winter clothing to show all the things Jan loved.


In math this week we came addition. However, this time we learned about various strategies to help us find the sum of an addition sentence faster and easier. Some of the strategies we learned were count on, add zero, doubles and doubles plus one. We loved reinforcing our addition strategies with many fun games such as Walk the Plank, Addition War, Bump and Kindergarten Yahtzee!

Writing Workshop

We have moved on to a new genre in Writing Workshop. We are now learning how to write opinion pieces. We learned the difference between an opinion and a fact. We read a really funny book called Animals Should Not Wear Clothing. This story inspired us to split into two groups. One group worked together to write why animals should wear clothing and the other wrote why they should not. We all had so much fun coming up with ideas and loved hearing what the other group came up with. We also shared our opinions of our favorite Jan Brett book and wrote persuading pieces about our favorite story. To help us remember the structure for opinion writing we have compared it to an Oreo (O=tell readers how you feel, R=tell reasons why you feel that way, E=give examples, 0=restate your opinion).

Birthday Book Party Reminder

Our birthday book parties for students with birthdays in December-March are coming up soon! For grades Mechina-2, the party will be Tuesday, Feb. 23. For grades 3-5, the party will be Wednesday,Feb. 24. Both parties will be before school, 7:45-8:20 a.m. Our honorees will select and check out a new book for the media center collection. We also will serve a light breakfast of fruit, (nut-free and parve) mini-muffins and water. Parents are always welcome to attend!

For questions regarding the muffins, please contact Dolce Catering and Bakery, 770-451-3065.

If you have not yet ordered a birthday book for your child, It’s not too late.

Follow this link to the order form:

Follow this link to order on-line:

If we have processed your order, you should have received an email acknowledging your order.

Thank You's!

-Thank you to Darryl Maslia for being our Mystery Reader

-Thank you to Dana's family for being our family of the week! --The chocolate balls were a huge hit!

Upcoming Dates

-March 7: Field Trip - Seussical the Musical

-April 16: Please join us for Havdallah at Zoo Atlanta (forms due March 1)

-April 13: Class Seder 1:30-2:45