South East Asia

Jessica Greer 5/7/15 6th period

Great Britain

Great Britain took over Singapore. Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles was the leader, he decided to take over Singapore because it became a major stopping point for traffic going to or from China and the leader wanted that traffic to come to a stop.


France took over Indochina, with the leader named Émile Loubet. He took over France because they had problems with the British and took over Vietnamese, they did that because the British wanted to monopolize trade. After taking over Vietnamese they took over Indochina for the power and territory.

United States

The colony that the United States took over was the Philippines. The leader that made this happen was George Dewey. The reason why George Dewey took over the Philippines is to prevent the Japanese from taking over. Also because the Islands gave the U.S. a convient jumping-off point fro Trade with China.