It takes 8hrs,3mins to get to wichita,Kansas from willis tx.

It takes (555.1mi) to get to Wichita.

You can get there by car or plain i will be staying for 5 days

wichita is on the south of kansas it is the bigest city in kansas

the frist site of African Americans at a white lunch counter was in Wichita.

The White Castle burger chain was chain was started in wichita in 1921 but there has not been a franchise there since 1938

witchita kansas

I want to go to w getsitchita because my mom was born in witchita. she allways tells me how high the snow gets.or how small and pretty it is.wicthita is the home of the jayhawks.

the populition is 386.552 Iam gonna be taking 3 people with me we will be taking a car.witchita is the largest city in kansas.well would stay at Hyatt Regency


I would like to go horse back riding. and visit my family.I would also like to go hiking and see the colleges, and watch the sunset , and go camping , and swimming, and fisshing, and hunting, and whatever my family wants to go do.Also watch racecar drivers