Modern Day Pilgrimage

By Kristen Roy


My location for my pilgrimage is Canterbury, England. The reason why I choose Canterbury,England is because I have always wanted to go to England. Its so beautiful in England and has a lot of history in it. I have always wanted to learn more about England's history. This pilgrimage would help me learn more about England's history. That's the reason why I want to go to England is to learn more about their history.


I would go to England in the spring time since the weather will be perfect. The weather wouldn't be too hot or too cold and that will make walking a lot easier. Nobody likes to walk around in hot weather. Some people will wait till the summer to go on long vacations to other countries. Not me I think it will be perfect to go to Canterbury in the spring time.

I would stay there for about two weeks to explore Canterbury. It will take me a day or two to get over to England and the same time to get back. I gave myself about a week in Canterbury to go and see the sights. It should be enough time to go to the Cathedral and go see the other famous places. Two weeks should give me enough time to do everything I want to do in Canterbury.

Mode Of Transportation

My mode of transportation to England would be by plane. You cant drive to England since its across the ocean. The only other two ways of getting there is by boat or plane and I rather take the plane. I'm more used to flying than sailing. The plane ride would take a whole day to get there. The plane ride still sounds good to me even though it takes a day to get there.

After I get to England I'm going to travel by train to get around. Its so much more easier to go by train since it basically its stops are close to my destinations. Then I'm just going to walk to all of my destinations I have planned. My main destination is about a mile way from the train station so its not too far. Its also a lot cheaper to ride the train and to walk around in England.


I wouldn't need much equipment for this journey. The most I would need is water and snacks for when I walk around. Maybe I will bring along a camera to take pictures but besides that I wouldn't need much. I don't really need any heavy duty equipment since all I'm doing is walking around Canterbury.


The documentation I would need for this trip is a passport and a visa. I would need to apply for both of these things at the post office. I would need the passport to get into the country and the plane. I need the visa to buy things like food and souvenirs when I go to Canterbury. It would be hard to buy things with American money in England when they use a different system for money. Those were the things I would need for documentation for my pilgrimage trip.

Fellow Travelors

I would take my parents on this trip with me since they want to see England too. They probably would go to other places while I go visit my own places. Then we would come back for dinner or lunch. Those would be the only people I would take on my pilgrimage trip.

Food and Drink Cost

The cost for all of my food over in England would be around $200 - $300. It will probably cost me around $100 a week for food or less. I would probably spend about $20 on each meal or less. It just depends on how much the food costs there. That's why I'm going to bring around $200 or more with me to Canterbury for food.


My main form of communication would either be a pay phone or my cell phone. I don't want to use my cell phone too much in England. It would cost a lot if I used my cellphone in England too much. It would be much better if I used a payphone instead of a cellphone. My parents will be with me so I wont have to call anyone back in the states very much. The payphone or my cell phone would be my main form of communication in England.

Funding and Money

I would need around $7,500 for the whole trip. I would need around $5,000 for the plane tickets to get to England and back. That would also cover the hotel cost for all the people coming along with us. Then I would use $2,000 for souvenirs and a train pass. The rest of the money would go towards food and anything else I want. I would probably save up the money for the trip and wait till I'm out of college to go on this trip. That's how much I would need for this trip to Canterbury.

Anticipated Challenges

The only challenge I would expect is walking around Canterbury. I would be walking around about 3-5 miles a day to get around Canterbury. I would take breaks in between walking to each destination. I could always walk around more or bring around more water with me. That would be the only challenge I can think of that would be hard for me while in England.


I would stay at the Holiday Inn while I'm in Canterbury. In my opinion the Holiday Inn would be more comfortable to me than the other hotels. The other hotels are nice but I would feel a little scared staying there. Those hotels are made out of old houses instead of being made in recent times. The Holiday Inn would have internet access there for I could use my laptop. The Holiday Inn would be more comfortable for me to stay in while I'm in Canterbury.