Delta Air!!!!!

By: Amelia Morales

My Kite Blueprint!

 At fisrt are group was going to do a Bermuda kite, but that didn't work out at all. So why not go wiht the simple Delta kite. The Delta kite's standard look is a rectangle. Which is the shape we went with.

History of The Delta Kite.

 Of all types of kites the Delta kite is most commonly recommended to beginners by shops and festival commentators, for good reason. This kite is easy to launch and flies on the lightest breezes. These characteristics have pushed along the popularity of this design to huge levels!!! Despite having only a fraction of the histroy of the Diamond and perhaps even the Sled kite. Dan Leigh is a person who has been desgning kites since 1974 and specializes in the Delta configuration.

Creating My Kite!

Measurements of The Kite

 My measuments are in cm. 57.5 cm. in width, and 75.5 cm. in length. We decomposed  it into 4 rectangles. We added up all the rectangles and got  532.0.

Kite Word Problems!!!

PROBLEM ONE: In 1820, George Pocock connected several large kites to a carriage and pulled it from Southampton to London. Since road taxes were based on the number of horses used to pull a carriage, he was able to avoid any taxes! The 60 mile trip took two hours. Modern kite buggies now go twice as fast but seldom go as far. How fast was the carriage moving? The carriage was moving 120.   PROBLEM THREE: Under the direction of Harry Osborne, the Edmonds Community College kite team kept a parafoil in the air from August 21 to August 29, 1982. Their 180 hour, 17 minute flight created a world record for duration flying. If there we eight members of the team, and each took three hour shifts watching the kite, how many shifts would each team member be responsible for?  Each team member would have 7.5 shifts.