2nd Hand News


Hi, Parents!

It was wonderful visiting with everyone for conferences about our favorite kids. This week we have been learning new spelling words (hard/soft G), adopting a tree and making a prediction about its species, learning about bats, meeting a Chinese mantis, and creating a background for addition and subtraction with regrouping. We also have a field trip and a Very Big Deal on Friday.


  • The names of Elisa Markhoff and Cyndi Mobley popped out of the Sorting Hat and they will be braving the wilds of the pumpkin patch with us on Thursday. It will probably be muddy, so please send your pumpkin picker with shoes that can withstand it.
  • COSTUMES: Masks cannot be worn on the face, but they can be carried. No weapons, please (the ever-popular light sabers included) at school. Children will be changing into their costumes towards the end of lunch, 1 pm, followed by our parade on the field and then the march through the Upper School classrooms. Please join us after the parade for a batty party in the classroom. Thank you to all who are able to cheer for our ghouls and boys or provide a spooky treat.

Thank you!

Mrs. Nyce

PS: The next installment of 2nd Hand News will have the pictures that you can't wait to see!