Wearing YOUR jersey with PRIDE!!!

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Are you sick and tired of looking for a specific store, for a specific jersey?

Well, problem solved! At Jersey World we sell EVERY jersey for EVERY sport. Thats right, EVERY sport! Home and away jerseys, heritage jerseys. We also sell accessories for YOUR sport.Haven't heard of us? We've been around for almost 40 years. Our special range of sparkling jerseys will shake your mind. Once you wear your team's jersey, you will be placed into a unique world. So come on down to Jersey World and wear your team's jersey with pride!


Come down to our store even if your not looking for jerseys

If your not looking for a jersey, then come down here and look for other accessories, such as balls, tees, rackets etc.

Opening hours:

Monday 9:30-5:00

Tuesday 9:30-5:00

Wednesday 9:30-5:00

Thursday 9:30-6:00

Friday 9:30-5:00

Saturday 10:30-5:00

Wearing YOUR jersey with PRIDE!!!