Module 3.2

South Carolina

CharlestWon - (I'm not good a witty names)

Fact- The colony of South Carolina had the highest number of slave populations that worked on plantations. Slaves were sent from the beginning to help the settlement for prosperity. It contributed to the initial success of the colony.

South Carolina was one colony with North Carolina at the time under The Charter of Carolina in 1663. It was named after King Charles IV of France and then Charles I and II of England. We were located on the coast, which offered many trading advantages. I moved to the new Charleston when I was 10 years of age. My family moved from the New York territory because the land was more feasible and offered better living conditions year round. Our growth and success was courtesy of the Slave labor and the rich soil that inhabits these lands. My family grew Cotton and Tobacco. The people of our town, including myself, were not happy with our governmental structure. Proprietors governed us under one single government. This was extremely difficult for one person to rule such vast lands. We were very rebellious towards the freedom and violation of rights it stole away from us. Much like some of the northern colonies, the natives started attacking our town. In 1680, The Westoes, a local and powerful tribe, attacked Charleston. Before that, we have a thriving trading relationship with them, however, when our town officials decided to start trading with Shawnee Natives, we attacked the Westoes to eliminate their treat. I personally was not in support to that because they were good allies of ours for many years.


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