How to Catch a Star

A Guide to Chasing Dreams

For the little Dream Chaser in your life!

How to Catch a Star is a book for Elementary age students that will truly inspire them to find their passions, develop a team, and find grit to chase their dreams.

How to Catch a Star will make a great Christmas gift this season for that little dream chaser in your life.

The story behind the story

Every story has a story. How to Catch a Star didn’t happen overnight, but instead came out of a program Stephen Vaughn developed called Xcel 2 Fitness. Through a void created from the loss of his father and a passion for wanting to make an impact on his community, Xcel 2 Fitness came to life. X2F’s mission is to use the fundamentals of fitness to develop the character boys need to chase their dreams. The program was developed with the purpose of empowering boys to be fearless dream chasers and to give them the opportunity to reach for the stars. Not long after the start of Xcel 2 Fitness, Jason Pavelchak, a teacher, volunteered to coach X2F for his school. As Jason began to coach, he saw the effect it had on the boys and became more and more involved. Stephen and Jason started collaborating, and before long Jason began helping Stephen write the curriculum that is currently in place. As their passion to see X2F impact boys across the nation has grown, Stephen approached Jason about writing a book to depict a guide to chasing dreams. Just like the Xcel 2 Fitness program, the book’s goal is to make an impact on the next generation and show that while it’s not easy, everyone has a star they can catch. Stephen and Jason continue to work alongside each other both with Xcel 2 Fitness, as the program expands across the country, and with developing their next book(s). After all, you can’t tell kids to be dream chasers unless you are one yourself.

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