Top 10 Technology Rules for Parents

By Rohin

Rule #1

You should never give away personal information like your credit card number.

Rule #2

Never text and drive because you could get in a car accident if you do not have your eyes on the road.

Rule #3

Have a lock to get into your phone instead of leaving it open.

Rule #4

When you do not touch your phone for 30 seconds you should have to enter the code again to keep it from getting stolen.


Obey copyright laws.

Rule #6

You should never tell people over the internet where you live, your email, name, first name, birth date, and phone numbers.

Rule #7

Never agree to an online meet with someone you do not know.

Rule #8

Never respond to or open weird messages from random people because they could have viruses in them.

Rule #9

Never download something that you do not know.

Rule #10

Never cyberbully.
Rules of the Road for Parents in a Digital Age