Civil War

Lauren Hutchison


Although the battle of Antietam was a very quickly fought battle lasting only about 8 hours. it was the deadliest single day of fighting in the entire war, there was 21,000 american deaths in that small amount of time. This was a key battle for the Union. An officer of the confederacy, much to the dismay of General Lee and Jackson, had lost the thoroughly thought through plans which were found by the Union and used against the Confederacy to win the battle. Abraham lincoln (president of the Union) used this battle to write the emancipation proclamation.

Map & Picture of Antietam

Generals of Antietam


The battle of Gettysburg was in July of 1863. The Battle of Gettysburg was almost an incidental battle because there was no major port located there. Gettysburg ended the confederacy's hopes of gaining France and/or Britain's help because they believed the civil war was about slavery and the foreign states didn't want to step into argument between the two. Lees plan was to create a panic but failed, as the Union won. General Lee did not know the land good and he was looking for supply's but failed leading them to the union troops to suffer a massacre. President Lincoln used this war to base one of his most famous speeches off of also known as the gettysburg address. Lincoln called for ''a new birth of freedom''.

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Generals of Gettysburg


The Battle of Vicksburg lasted 47 days and was not a very fatal battle. This was an important location for General Grant because it would complete his anaconda plan and split the south into two. By winning this battle Grant was beginning to see his plan fall into place and succeed. This was a major spot on the mississippi river that Grant could not afford not having. Now that the mississippi was in control of the north, the war started leaning to a victory of the Union.

Map & Pictures of Vicksburg

Generals of Vicksburg

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