Denmark Today

By: Kennedy W./Emma K.

How has Denmark changed since it's begging? #1

After 1945 Denmark expanded it's industrial base so that by 2006 industry contributed about 25% of the gross domestic product. Denmark's other traditional industries of fishing and shipping have also declined. Financial and other services, trade, transportations and communications are also important.

What is the life style of people living in Denmark? #2

82% of the homes in Denmark have a video player, 77% own a washing machine, 49% have a personal computer, 28% of the homes own two or more TV's, 22% of the homes have internet connection. Women wear long ankle length dresses along with a black bonnet if married, and colorful if not married. they also wear scarfs. Men wear traditional clothing with knee breeches made from leather.Breakfast consist of cereal and milk, bread or sweet rolls, with coffee or tea. Lunch is a great feast honored by Danish tradition. Smorrebrod could be made with fish, meat, eggs, or salads.

Copenhagen's Girls Choir

The video below shows the girls choir telling us a little bit about what it is like in Copenhagen, Denmark and how it is different from the U.S.

Discribe what the largest city in Denmark looks like? #3

For starters Denmark is in Finland, and the capitol is called Copenhagen. The population of Denmark is about 1.9 million people.During 1250 to about 1810,fires and wars destroyed most of Copenhagen. During this time epidemics killed many of Copenhagen's towns people.Copenhagen recovered each time,and grew as an economic, millitary,and political center.In the late 1800's Copenhagen experianced quick economic growth. Copenhagen became the Capitol in 1443.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The picture below shows the capitol of Denmark, Copenhagen. This is the largest city and the capitol of Denmark.