Kindergarten Newsletter


Classroom News!

One of the goals we have in Kindergarten is to instill in our students an appreciation for the beauty and fun of the written word. Dr. Seuss books with their silly rhyming words (using actual words and invented words), put our early readers and writers at ease with their own newfound abilities for reading and sounding out words. An example of this was a check-in question we put on the board one day this week. "What rhymes with tote?" The children got a big chuckle as they fearlessly wrote words like "Cote," "Hote" and "Mote." Additionally the rhymes in Dr. Seuss books help our students figure out how to read words that may be new to them. Above all else, Dr. Seuss books are funny and for this reason help foster a child's love of reading.

Have you heard about the new restaurant that opened this week? It's a poetry restaurant! You'll know it by the big sign "You can get any poem you want at the poetry restaurant." Once you are seated your waitress (aka teachers) present you with a menu of poems. (If there are any specials-of-the-day she will tell you about those too.) Once you make your selection your waitress will bring you your poem. After digesting it you get to bring it home in a doggy bag. The children have written reviews and now the waiting lines are out the door!

Experts of the Day

Our final two experts made their presentations this week. Talia showed everyone how to make the coolest snowflakes using coffee filters! This was a perfect way to say good-bye to wintertime. Vivian, our master ballet dancer, taught a ballet class and introduced all of us to several ballet steps and moves. Encore!

Conversation Starters

* What are "two roses and a thorn?"

* What did you do with teen numbers and Dr. Suess hats?

* What was the activity you did with plastic eggs, rice, tape and spoons?

Fun Things To Do At Home

* Read the poem of the week.

* Take turns telling about your day using the "two roses and a thorn" model.

Poem of the Week


I went to the doctor -

He reached down my throat,

He pulled out a shoe

And a little toy boat.

He pulled out a skate

And a bicycle seat,

And he said, "Be more careful

About what you eat!"

Shel Silverstein

Technology We Used

We have been using an app called "Osmo" which is unusual because it is a hands-on app. The activity we used this week involved making words with actual tiles that the children could manipulate to spell out the on-screen hidden word. A related picture gives the clue for the correct word.


On Wednesday March 23rd Kindergarten will be celebrating "Wacky Wednesday." In the past children have enjoyed wearing their clothes inside out or backwards and/or wearing miss matched shoes and socks. We all look forward to a fun and wacky day.

Please keep the following in mind:

- Your child can be creative but safe shoes and appropriate clothes are necessary for outside time and PE.

- It would be best not to send your child in tights, because one art activity involves the children using their bare feet.

Thank you!