Devin Fernandez

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Where does it live?

It lives anywhere that crabs live because they attach to crabs.

How does it feed?

It doesn't eat much but it eats some of the crabs insides.

How does it reproduce?

They mate with other sacculina.

What are the hosts of choice?

They only attach to crabs. They have not yet attached to anything else yet but if they grow bigger they could attach to humans.

Do they have any special adaptations?

They can breath in land or under water.

How big can they get?

Adults are usually 2 inches long and baby's are usually about 1/2 of a inch long.

Some other interesting facts

There are 43 species of sacculina. They form a sac like thing near the crabs genitals because they go inside of the crab and make them do weird things like dance. They can make the crab they are in do anything they want. And when they want to leave, they explode out of the sac and findable new crab.