Voyager Voice

PM 9-16-16

Snap Shot of the Week

This week the Voyagers explored all different types of housing structures. We learned a variety of new vocabulary words such as: structure, house, apartment, condo, town house, skyscraper, interior and exterior. We also learned the different rooms inside a house such as living room, kitchen, front room, bedroom, basement, and bathroom. We connected this week to last week comparing and contrasting the characteristics of the different buildings and houses just like we did with our own characteristics and personal information. We spent a lot of time comparing and contrasting the exterior and interior of our own houses during our opening and closing meetings. Thank you to everyone that brought in pictures! The children LOVED showing off their pictures and noticing similarities and differences.

The students learned more about houses and buildings further by exploring in our Investigation Sites. In our Science site, the children observed several building materials such as tile, wood, and cement bricks using magnify glasses and the scale. They also made their own Mortar today to connect the cement bricks together. In our Art site, the children designed their own houses out of paper bags. They used their pictures from home to create the exterior of their house. In our Small group site, the children explored several pictures of the interior and exterior of buildings. They had to sort them by finding similarities and differences. Our Block site had the doll house available to design the interior anyway they chose. Our Library site had several building and house books for the children to read and do research. Our Dramatic Play site was a huge hit this week! We transformed it to be a different room in a house every day! It turned into the kitchen, dining room, bedroom and living room!

We also started Jolly Phonics this week! The students have learned the sounds for S, A, T, and I! Ask your child to sing you the song and show you the motion!

Important Dates:

Sept 19th: Librarian Visit

Sept 20th: Principal Visit

Sept 27th: Detective Visit


Snack is still canceled... We still have ALOT of snack left over. I will let you know when we start the schedule again

Caring Community

The second step theme of the week is focusing attention. We practiced our listening song and learned about an “attentoscope” (cupping hands around eyes to zoom in on important information.) The classroom theme of the week was houses (interior and exterior) and we learned about safe and unsafe situations in and outside our houses. Ask your children about some of the ways the dinosaurs from our story stayed safe! We also identified ways to stay safe in different areas of our houses such as walking up and down stairs, being careful with utensils, wearing a bike helmet, and more!

Ms. Gurwin

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Movin' and Groovin'

This week in Movin’ and Groovin’ we did an obstacle course to clean up Ms. Rachel’s room! She left it quite a mess! The kids worked on stair climbing by being encouraged to use an alternating foot pattern on the steps. They jumped off a higher surface (with help if needed!). The walked across a balance beam and some of them were able to bend down to pick up a toy without losing their balance! Then the kids complete a series of 6 2-foot jumps until they got to the toy box to put in the toy. Not only did the kids work on gross motor coordination and balance, they also worked on sequencing, impulse control, turn taking, and following multistep directions!

Ms. Rachel


We love music with Mrs. Blaire! We sang with Sheldon the turtle again. We had to follow Sheldon's motions and copy him while listening to the beat of the music. We also listened to the Itsy Bitsy Spider musical story. Our favorite part was dancing to her Pizza song! We had to copy all of Mrs. Blair's fun dance moves. This song helped us practice taking turns.
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Cooking and Conversation

This week cooking & conversation reviewed and reinforced our study on homes as part of the community unit. The whole class reviewed the vocabulary exterior and interior and students identified the exterior features of a home by listening to descriptions of their function and attributes. Students worked in small groups to follow auditory directions to design an edible home and participated in a house bingo-like game to match items within the home to the interior rooms they are most likely found within. We topped off our house with triangular grilled cheese sandwiches as our roofs. The young explorers really enjoyed their recipe this week and did a great job demonstrating mastery of the latest classroom vocabulary!

-Ms. Gerber

Upcoming Themes

For the next two weeks we will start to learn about the buildings we see in Northbrook! We will learn about the Library, Post office, School, Fire Station, and the Police Station. Over the weekend you can talk to your child about these buildings and even check out some books from the library about them! You can also take your child on a walk to see if you can find any of these buildings near your house!