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Amy Selke, Arbonne Independent Consultant

New Prodcut Update

Hi Everyone!

Exciting news in the world of anti-aging! Arbonne just came out with this miracle worker that uses safe ultrasound technology...
I talked about in my April newsletter and it has had such a huge response to the preorder that Arbonne is working like crazy to keep up with the orders! It is definetly a game changer when it come to skin care and people pay 1000 or more to have this type of technology. The best part is you can get it by preorder now for only $241.20 and comes with a free lifting and contouring eye cream and a free anti-aging serum,( 122.00 value for FREE!) plus a $50 free gift if you are new to Arbonne.
Ships in September ...- ladies, it's going to be Christmas in September!

As always there is a 45 day money back refund if you do not like it But I think you will love it!! See before and after pictures below!
I can't wait to get mine and look 10 years younger than all my friends . Who wants one??



A Brand new Skin Care category!!

Introducing the Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra!!!

What does the Genius Ultra do:

It helps boost the performance of your regular Arbonne skincare products through improved application of the product to your skin.

Why do you need it:

The surface of the skin is uneven. When regular skincare product is applied with fingertips, product is unevenly applied due to ridges in the skin’s surface that can only be seen under a microscope.

How does it work:

Gentle ultrasound waves help push the product onto outer layers of skin evenly getting into the ridges to help maximize your skincare sooner rather than later.

What Makes the Genius Ultra Different:

  • Utilizes low levels of unfocused ultrasound energy and includes an automatic shutoff after one minute of use.
  • Carefully designed to deliver consistent output of the selected technology (ultrasound) and tested by dermatologists and consumers for safety as well as effectiveness.
  • Features a custom designed tip, chosen by a panel of women who felt this shape allowed them to reach difficult areas of the face, such as below the inner eye area and areas around the nose, more easily and comfortably.
  • Three warmth levels, along with gentle vibration, allow for personalization and comfort.
  • There is no need for conductive gels in ADDITION to the Arbonne skincare topical to make the Genius Ultra function properly. All you need is your favorite Arbonne skincare products!
Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra

Check out These Before and Afters!


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Thank You So Much!

I truly love sharing products with you that are Pure, Safe and Beneficial! It is so awesome to watch the progression to clean, healthy, chemical-free products, even if it is one product at a time! As always contact me with any questions. Have a Blessed Day!