Jackson a hero "NOT "

ha you have to be joking thinking he's the hero

Spoils system

The spoils system was unfair to just about every one. This is when Jackson had people in his office who only agreed with him and when they didn't they where fired no matter who or what they did. He did this quite often even before he became President he was friends with Henry Clay who was the speaker of house of representatives and he chose Jackson only because he knew he would use him in the presidency in some way and this helped support Jackson, another example would be during the "bank war" many of his co workers didn't agree with him and he went through more than three of them before one did what he wanted.

The Indian policy

The indian policy was first started... when people started finding gold ( Georgia) and wanted more of it this meaning that the indians would have to move from there homes for people they didn't even know. Not caring, Jackson made congress make the Indian Removal Act. This was when he got land for the indians so they could live somewhere BUT it was forced, 116day travel-on foot, and over 1,000 miles journey.This journey killed 1 in 4 indians on this "trail of tears". The reasons why is because they weren't ready they didn't have enough food or supplies to support themselves to make the journey.

Nullification Crisis

This was from when the tariff of 1828 it was good in the north but not so much in the south because the south relied on imported goods unlike the north who who had factories and other manufacturing items that they don't have to rely on the imports, but this tariff put a tax on imports and so more and more the south was loosing money and the north was only gaining it (a major city that hated the tariff was South Carolina). Making the south unhappy for this reason, This was a major fault in his presidency because it was unfair to everyone in the country and this is important because he took down the national bank so it was harder to make more money for the poor or soon to be poor.
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Political Cartoon

this political cartoon is showing how Jackson wanted to get rid of the national bank.
Trail Of Tears Short Documentary
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