Communication - The process of conveying information in such a way that the message is received and understood.
Verbal Communication- Involves the use of words.
Ex.Oral Communication, Text messaging, Email.

Nonverbal Communication- The second category; involves sending messages without words.
Ex.Sign Language, Slang Words, Mouthing.
Slang- Informal usage in vocabulary and idiom that is characteristically more metaphorical.
Ex. LOL, Srry, and 2nite.
"I"message: Take ownership for your feelings.
"You"Message: Places blame on the other person and may aggravate the situation.

8 Tips for better communication.

1.) Be polite.
2.) Respect the talker.
3.) Be positive.
4.) Answer questions.
5.) Be honest and open for questions.
6.) Keep conversations short and simple.
7.) Make sincere complements.
8.) Keep the listener in mind.

8 tips to manage conflicts.

1.) Have respect.
2.) Be polite.
3.) Don't try to argue.
4.) Make compliments.
5.) Be patient.
6.) Pay attention.
7.) Be interested.
8.) Ask questions.

Netiquette- The do's and don'ts of online communication.

1.) Be nice.
2.) Don't cyber bully.
3.) Say only what you would say to people face to face.
4.) Tell an adult if someone is rude.
5.) Check your spelling.
6.) Don't type anything rude back.
7.) Block someone if they are being rude.
8.) Talk to friends not random people.
9.) Always say good things.
10.) Don't be rude to friends.